new york city assault lawyer



People v. M.A.- Client blew .09. All DWI charges dismissed after stop of client was found to be illegal.


People v. O.S.- Client accused of causing accident and blew a .18 on breathalyzer. CASE DISMISSED


People v. J.D. - Client blew a .18 on breathelyzer. CASE DISMISSED.


People v. G.R. - Client was charged his second DWI DWI in a year making this case a felony. CASE DISMISSED.


People v. K.M. - Client was charged with DWI and refusing a breathalyzer. CASE DISMISSED.


People v. K.N. Queens- Client charged with striking his employee and causing serious injury. Client received ACD and all charged were dropped 6 months later.


People v. J.G.-Client was charged with aggravated DWI DWI after blowing .196 in breathelyzer.


Police violated client's constitutional rights. CASE DISMISSED.


People v. A.F.- Client blew .185 on breathelyzer and ran red light.CASE DISMISSED.


People v. S.D.- Client refused to give urine sample when stopped for DWI. CASE DISMISSED.


People v. R.R.- Client blew a .77. NOT GUILTY of all charges after trial.


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